DirectEdit BASIC

  • Edit titles, content and excerpts in the frontend.
  • Enable/disable frontend editing for individual pages.
  • Modify global option files for detailled control.

DirectEdit PRO

DirectEdit PRO makes it possible to create your own themes from scratch. PHP coding required! Your customer will get a custom website with front-end editing.

  • Create your own themes with full control of what can be edited.
  • Define custom page types
  • Create custom text blocks. Define toolbar buttons and validation rules for each individual text block.
  • Define mandatory or optional images in your design. Predefine their size (fixed or resizable) and other options.
  • Use lists to create editable slideshows or a list of sales representatives, for example.
  • Build a multi-lingual website that can be translated in the frontend.
  • Define multilevel menu's distributed over (for instance) a top menu and a sidebar menu.
  • Use friendly url's powered by DirectEdit, for more consistent urls.
  • Define responsive images with alternative files for different devices.
  • Access page options from the front-end menu bar.
  • Integrate DirectEdit in your own webapplications.

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