This is the documentation of DirectEdit BASIC. Free support is available at

Get started

In the Wordpress back-end, go to Plugins → New plugin. In the search box, enter "directedit" and press search. Most likely it is the first plugin in the list. Install it, and then activate it. 

Now go to the front-end and start editing !

Plugin options

In the backend, go to Plugins → DirectEdit (url: /wp-admin/plugins.php?page=direct-edit).

hooks on standard wp-functions

The default behavior of DirectEdit is that content, title and excerpt fields will be editable in the frontend.

This feature can be disabled for each field type. For individual pages this option can be overwritten.

copy files to current theme

DirectEdit has several files that you might want to edit for your project. They include:

  • direct-edit.css for buttons and dialogs (you might need to tweak them in case of css problems)
  • direct-edit.json containing options for individual editors
  • direct-edit.js containing button behavior for the text editor
  • translation file

You could edit those files in the plugin directly, but then you risk your changes to be overwritten when the plugin is updated. When you press the 'copy' button, the files will be copied to a folder /direct-edit in your theme.

For more information on each file, see PRO documentation.