When you see DirectEdit for the first time, you probably say: "front-end editing".

But DirectEdit is more. It is a full-fledged framework for creating corporate websites.

A corporate website typically needs different kinds of pages, for instance for products, job opportunities and reviews. Each of those page types often need extra content elements like text blocks or images.

In WordPress this can only mean one thing: custom posts and custom fields.

The philosophy of DirectEdit is the integration of custom posts and custom fields with front-end editing. Sounds cool huh?

There is a price to pay, and it is that the full benefits of DirectEdit cannot be easily combined with 3rd party themes. That is why we offer DirectEdit in different forms, for different users.

  • DirectEdit BASIC : Basic front-end editing that can be used with any theme. It does not support custom posts or custom fields. Available for free on wordpress.org/plugins/directedit
  • DirectEdit PRO: Create your own theme from scratch in plain PHP.
  • DirectEdit CUSTOM: Hire us to build your website.

The good news is, DirectEdit PRO is available for free, including free support and future upgrades.

Get DirectEdit PRO and THEME for free