Edit your website directly in the front-end. Install WordPress, search for the plugin "directedit", install it, activate it and start editing.

Are you creating custom themes for others? Then you might consider upgrading to the PRO version.

DirectEdit PRO is a framework that gives you all the tools to make the life of your customer easier. And when your customer is happy, you are happy too of course!

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The "2 interface" philosophy of DirectEdit

The customer gets the front-end. So the back-end is given back to the web professional !

Direct Edit gives you the tools to easily create custom post types, web forms and more.

And yes, you will need to dive into PHP code if you want a bit more than just the basics. Here is where the true power of DirectEdit reveals itself. Build advanced content types and make them editable in the frontend. Or create a front-end web application.

DirectEdit PRO gives you all freedom you need.

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